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You probably already have a good idea of your current financial situation. But do you know what is or is not within your possibilities? Whether it's housing, savings or retirement, get to know your financial strength better through our simulations.

How much can I loan?

How realistic are my housing plans? And how much can I maximally loan?

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Calculate loan repayments

What is my total project cost? And how much will my mortgage cost?

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Refinance my home loan

How much can I save by getting my loan reviewed?

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Interest rate barometer

Every day Immotheker Finotheker compares more than 2,000 mortgage loans at 16 different banks. Curious about the average interest rates today compared to past months and years?

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Fire insurance

Am I optimally insured? And how much can I save by choosing my fire insurance independently of my bank?

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Car insurance

What is the cost of my car insurance and the impact on my finances?

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Fiscal pension savings

How can I optimize my pension savings plan for tax purposes? And how much should I save?

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Living off my capital

Up to what age do I manage? And what income can I get from my capital when I stop working?

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Building capital

What savings options are available? And how do I grow my capital smartly?

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Our simulators offer a good indication of your possibilities, but your real financial picture is of course much more complex. That's why we'd like to invite you for an appointment at our office. That way we can help you even better.

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