Immotheker Finotheker

Our mission is to make a good life possible for everyone through financial advice and life planning. That's why our advice is free and we are 100% independent. For 27 years, our clients have appreciated our expertise and transparency and know that with us they are getting real help.

27 yearsexperience

Some of our milestones

The concept is taking shape

The financial tax reform of '89 was the go-ahead for John Romain to begin building an integrated fiscal, financial and legal program.

Press launch

After 5 years of development, the 'Immotheker' concept is presented to the outside world for the first time through an interview in De Tijd.

Opening first office

On the first of April 1995, the first franchisee Marc Verhoeven from Schoten opened the first official Immotheker office.

Pioneering software

The self-developed Immotheker software is becoming more user-friendly, making the entire mortgage market transparent to all clients.

Milestone: 1 billion euros

Immotheker gets to intermediate a total of 1 billion euros in home loans for its clients at 15 different financial institutions.

Launch Mortgage Monitor

This online tool allows all Immotheker clients to monitor in real time whether they can save on their current home loan.

Start investment advice

Clients are from now on also assisted with independent investment advice under the new 'Finotheker' brand.

New name: Immotheker Finotheker

In response to the growing range of financial services on offer, Immotheker is changing its name after more than 20 years: Immotheker Finotheker.

Launch Plan Monitor

Unique in Belgium: clients can plan and monitor their financial future online with the first cross-bank tool in our country.

25th anniversary

Hooray! Immotheker Finotheker is celebrating its quarter-century anniversary with a survey of 25 years of living and saving in Belgium.

Financial life planning

With a new website, the total range of services comes to its full potential: home loans, insurances, pension savings and savings and investing.

The faces behind Immotheker Finotheker

John Romain

John Romain

Alex Geens

Alex Geens

Jan Romain

Jan Romain