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Is your retirement well taken care of?

Did you know that your legal pension will only be 50-70% of your last paycheck?

  • Choose from 140 different pension savings funds or insurance policies
  • Determine your maximum savings amount, €990 or €1,270 per year, and benefit immediately from your annual tax reduction
  • Start saving for your pension in 2023 and save up to €17,000 extra!

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What's your benefit?

Every day we compare no less than 140 different pension savings insurance policies and funds based on returns, conditions and your risk profile. In complete independence, our experts guide you in finding the most fitting solution.

→ Pay less taxes

With pension savings, you set aside an amount each year. Depending on the tax cap you choose, you'll get up to 30% tax savings on your deposits the following year.

→ Addition to your legal pension

Chances are your legal pension is not enough to maintain your lifestyle after retirement. Curious about your legal pension amount? You can easily find it on Pension savings allow you to supplement your legal pension.

What does it offer?

It's quite a challenge to compare the full range of pension savings options from different financial institutions and make the right choice. That's why we do it for you: we compare as many as 140 different pension savings policies and funds every day.

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Are you already saving for your pension?

A lot of Belgians already engage in pension savings. Maybe you started it at some point as well. But are you sure you have a good return? Do the test: compare your return with the average and best formulas of the moment with our pension savings barometer.

Changing formulas? Easy!

Not sure if your pension savings formula is optimal? Fortunately, you can easily switch to a better one. You won't lose any of your accumulated capital and you can make big profits in the future because the differences between the returns are immense. Just give us a visit. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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Our clients appreciate our personal approach

Comment décrire l'expérience d'immotheker zaventem? C'EST MERVEILLEUX : un accueil très agréable et chaleureux dans un ambiance plein du respect et du confiance, une disponibilité et joinabilité immed

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Heel duidelijke uitleg en eerlijk


سلام عليكم نعم أعطاني الخبره وساعدني ولطيف جدا واعطاني الفرصه في بداية جميله وحياة أفضل من خلال شراء بيت لي وعالتي أنه استاذ فاضل واجتماعي


Veel tevreden van de eerste bezoek!


Je recommande les yeux fermés Madame Anahid de Immotheker zaventem, toujours disponible, à l'ecoute, et surtout tres professionelle .


Je tiens à exprimer ma profonde gratitude envers Madame Anahid pour son professionnalisme exceptionnel en tant que courtière en crédit. Son expertise et son dévouement ont été cruciaux pour nous aider

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Bonne personne jamais vie sympa bonne accueil service impeccable je recommande à tous le mode


Our overall approach makes the difference

You are our starting point

We never start from products, but always from people: who are you, what stage of life are you in and what are your short- and long-term goals?

Your lifestyle is our job

Together, we choose which home loan, insurance, investment or pension savings plan best suits your lifestyle. And we guide you in finalizing it.

We follow up for life

Your life is always changing. That's why we help you make the right choices at every stage of life. And we'll let you know when it is time to change.