Immotheker Finotheker


Immotheker Finotheker is recognized by the FSMA as a credit broker and an insurance broker under company number: 446.728.055.

Details of the supervisory authority:
FPS Economy, Directorate-General Enforcement and Mediation
Koning Albert II-laan 16, 1000 Brussels
Phone: 02/277.54.84

Because of its status, Immotheker Finotheker is not tied to any financial institution and can therefore search independently for the best solutions for you.

Immotheker Finotheker is authorized to carry out activities in other member states on the basis of a European passport. Countries in which we operate: Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom.

Conflict of interest policy

In order to provide you with the guarantee of unbound choice, Immotheker Finotheker has developed a conflict of interest policy. More information can be found here in Dutch or here in French.